Wing Assisted Guidance Kit (KGK)

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Press Bulletin 


KGK is a wing-assisted guidance kit that converts existing unguided 1000 lb MK83 and 500 lb MK82 general purpose bombs into long-range, air to ground smart weapons. With KGK, the bombs have the capability of precision hitting of target from 100 km range, in all weather conditions, providing aircraft to complete the mission safely without entering into enemy air defense zone.

  • Overview of Kit Capabilities
    • Extended Range with wing assistance
    • Operation in all weather conditions day and night
    • Capability to hit the target with high-precision with the use of INS / GPS with crypto support
    • Certified to F-16C Block 40 and F-4E/2020 fighter aircrafts
    • Selectable impact angle in advance
    • Target of opportunity capability
    • Ability to follow waypoints
    • Compatibility to MIL STD 1760
  • Extended Range
    • KGK has ranges maximum 60 nm when released from high altitudes and 20 nm when released from low altitudes.
  • Target Hitting Accuracy
    • With integrated INS / GPS, CEP is maximum 10 m
    • Optimized INS performance with Transfer Alignment capability
  • Compatibility to Different Kind of Bombs
    • Single guidance kit can be used for different kinds of unguided bombs (MK82 / MK83)
    • NATO UAI compatibility
    • Certification to F-16 POIII fighter aircraft
  • Future Improvement Plans